Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bruce Sutter Game-Used 1982 St. Louis Cardinals Louisville Slugger Bat For Sale

In April, former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Andy Rincon visited my store. A California native, Rincon played for the Cardinals in 1982, the same year the Red Birds won the World Series.

In his rookie year, Rincon pitched at least 8 innings in his first three major league starts and had a bright future until a line drive off the bat of Phil Garner broke his arm. Despite trying to come back both as a starter and reliever Rincon was never the same player.

Rincon and I chatted about his baseball and post-baseball when we finally got to business. He presented me, for consignment, a game-used baseball bat from Hall of Fame pitcher Bruce Sutter.

Sutter was one of the most dominant relievers of all time. During the 70's and 80's, he mastered the split-finger fastball to the tune of exactly 300 career saves.

Considering relief pitchers barely get at-bats (Sutter had 11 plate appearances in all of 1982) the cool factor is incredibly high on this item. I'm just speculating, but this bat might only be one of a couple dozen Bruce Sutter game-used bats in existence!

The bat is a Louisville Slugger K55 with Sutter's name emblazoned on the barrel and his number 42 written on the bat knob. The bat isn't cracked or chipped at all and only shows a few red and black marks from what are remnants of either contact from the red stitches of the ball or the ink on the baseball leather. Rincon speculated it was mostly used for batting/bunting practice.

Thanks for reading and you can check out the auction link.

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